Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hi Beauties!!
                     It is with great pleasure to be announcing that I will be doing something fun, new and exciting. I will try to do this weekly or bi-weekly. I will be taking two similar products from competing companies and throwing them in the ring to battle it out and see who comes out victorious.

So without further adieu I proudly present the first ever iGlowBeauty BATTLE OF THE BRANDS!!! Featuring Dinair Airbrush Makeup and Belletto Studios Airbrush Makeup. Both companies kindly sent me an airbrush kit to test out and review and they loved my idea of this whole concept. I will list pros and cons for each company. Post photos of how the makeup came out and then will decide which product I liked the best.

                                                                      HERE WE GO!

As far as packaging goes both products came in all around nice packages. Both were in boxes that were cute and represent the company well. I like that Belletto had a magnetic opening and a plastic holding case for the system so that you could hold on to it and store it somewhere while you weren't using it. Here are a few images showing how the package looks.

Dinair's packaging is much more girly. But it is intended just for the initial delivery of the product, It will not last long if you are trying to store it while it is not in use. Which is fine because the system itself is beautiful and looks great on any vanity. Here are some photos of Dinairs packaging.

So as far as packaging goes Belletto Studios is a little more convenient but Dinairs is super fun and flirty! Both get A's in this department.


Dinairs Personal Pro Kit comes with your airbrush system, 4 foundation colors, 4 other colors that can be used as face or eye colors, a concealer, a moist and dewy finishing spray and some of their facial tanning solution to try. I love that you can chose the color of your compressor and the size perfect. It is very compact and beautifully designed. It also comes with an instructional dvd and brow stencils which are not pictured above. They are also kind enough to offer a $5 gift card towards your next purchase and a free skype lesson to make sure you are properly using your airbrush. Their customer service is amazing. Truly a great company.

The Belletto Studio Skin Secrets Kit comes with the airbrush system, Four foundations, a blush, and lustre drops for that dewy finish everyone loves so much. It also comes with an instructional DVD. So the Dinair you definitely get more for your money. Dinair also has specials running all the time where you get double the amount of foundation or an eye shadow collection with your purchase. So in this department Dinair takes the cake.

Dinair ~ $199
Belletto Studio ~ $379.95
So clearly the Dinair is the better deal and you do get a lot more for your money.
I am definitely going to have to go with Dinairs compressor here, Not only is it more compact and you can chose whichever color you would like but it is more quiet and has a dial for your airflow settings whereas Belletto Studio has only 3 airflow settings.

Obviously both airbrushes leave you looking flawless and airbrushed however I did like Dinairs Makeup a little bit better than the Belletto makeup. I felt that the Belletto foundation seeped into my fine lines especially under my eyes whereas Dinairs did not crease at all in any of my wrinkles. Dont get me wrong I do like Belletto Studios products I just felt that they were slightly heavier than Dinair. Also there is a MUCH larger color selection with Dinair and you can use all makeup as eyeshadow or lip color or even color your hair. So there are many more uses for Dinair than Belletto.
 Here are a few photos of my airbrushed makeup.
Here is a before and after using the Belletto Airbrush makeup. I used the foundations in shade F1 and F2 mixed together. Great coverage. Again the only thing I didn't like is the wrinkles around my eyes were still visible but you cant really tell in this photo.

And here is a shot of a full face application with my Dinair. Not only did I airbrush my face but I did my brows, shadow, liner and lips as well! Dinairs makeup goes on effortlessly and covers EVERYTHING! It does not sink into any wrinkles or fine lines and lasts all day long. So the winner for this category has to be DINAIR!!

So after researching, reviewing and trying out both products for a little over a month I have to say that I did come to a conclusion as to who the winner is in my opinion. Before I do that, I will give you guys the links to both companies if you would like to do a little researching yourself before you decide on which one you would want to buy.

For the Dinair you can visit

For the Belletto Studio you can visit

I really do like both companies and they do offer everything that they promise but I do have to say that Dinair does go that extra mile and you do get a lot for the price you are spending and its still quite a bit less expensive than the Belletto Studio Airbrush Kit.
I do want to thank both companies for wanting to participate in this and if you guys have any suggestions on what you would like to see on the next BATTLE OF THE BRANDS please let me know! Also if you own a cosmetic or beauty company and you have a product you would like to see battle it out please email me at iGlowBeautyMUA@gmail.com (serious inquiries only please.)
Thanks again for reading. I would love to get an actual website up and running soon as well as a you tube channel. Would any of you be interested in seeing that?? Let me know.


  1. your makeup looks awesome! seriously you look stunning =] So happy I stumbled across your blog. Its so cute! Hope you can swing by mine sometime... Annddd I am your newest follower! Hey-o!

    Kelsey Belle


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  3. I ordered the Belletto system and loved it at first, however, once it breaks you are out of luck. They will not honor their warranty! They want me to spend $30 to replace the airbrush gun that has a supposed lifetime warranty and send my original back. I wouldn't recommend after this experience, customer service has stopped responding.

  4. I just ordered a Belletto system. I'm starting to get worried I should of ordered a better unit. I have recieved it yet. I ordered it in a special from the Today show for $79.00. Can I use othe brands of airbrush makeup with it? Should I get another system? Im a stylist wanting to add airbrush services to my menu.

  5. To Jennifer, I thought my Belletto airbrush gun had broken, but once I took it apart and then put it back together, it worked just fine. Have you tried to take it apart?